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Trying To Forget Everything That Isn't You<3

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<3i never knew that you would pick it apart, oh
i'm fallinq apart to sonqs about hips && hearts
your secret is out

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My name is Brianna. BRiANNA. Not Briana. Thank you very much. I’m thirteen years old, but I’ll be fourteen on September 24. I’m a freshman at St. Joes. I love love love to travel, I’ve been to Cancun, Cozumel, Costa Rica, St Kitts && Nevis, Grand Cayman Islands, Ireland, Belize, Florida (including Key West), California, && a lot more, I just can’t remember. I loveeeeeee friends. I don't have a best friend, nor do i plan on having one, because my last best friend turned out to be a backstabber. But, anyways, I miss Caleb && Jacob. So much. Only Arielle Yva and Kerry Ann know what I’m talking about when I say that.. I miss baby stu. But yea. I don’t take SHiT from whores =) loveyouuuu
i LiKE .
Abercrombie && Fitch. ACDC. American Eagle. Ashley Olsen. Beverly Hills. Blink 182. Boys. Bruises. Burberry. California. Cancun. Candy. Celebrities. Cell Phones. Chanel. Cheerleading. Christian Dior. Christina Aguilera. Coach. Costa Rica. Cows. Cozumel. Crying. Cujo, Cut Up Angels. Dallas. Dancing. Darkness. Dashboard Confessional. Donkeys. Etnies. Fall Out Boy. Florida. Football Players. Friends. Gemma Ward. Glitter. Good Charlotte. Gossip. Green Day. Green Toothbrushes. Gwen Stefani. Haylie Duff. Hermosa Beach. Hollister. Hugs. Ice Cream. Inside Jokes. iPods. Ireland. Jr. Midgets ’04. Juicy Couture. Justin Timberlake. Kanye West. Kelly Clarkson. Kisses. Kiwi. Lacoste. Lindsay Lohan. Lip Gloss. Lips. Love. Make-up. Maroon5. Mary-Kate Olsen. Mexico. Mischa Barton. Money. Mtv. Music. New York. Nicholai Hilton. Orlando. Palm Springs. Palm Trees. Pants. Part Time Hero. Parties. Periwinkle Houses. Phoenix. Pins. Preps. Quotes. Rain. Rodeo Dr. Rumors. Samantha Thavasa. Scars. Scary Movies. Seann William Scott. Seven for All Mankind. Sex. Sex Ribbons. Sexy Boys. Sexy Bus Boy. Sexy Kiwi. Sexy Sexy. Shelton Vikings. Shopping. Simple Plan. Skaters. Sleeping. Sleepovers. Smoothies. Socks. Stephen King. Surfers. Swimming. Taking Walks. Talking. The OC. The Real World. The Used. Thongs. Tunnels. Tyler Hilton. Unexpected Kisses. Usher. Versace. Vogue. Walking in the Rain. Windermere.
i D0N’T LiKE .
Bitchy, Annoying, Slutty Girls. Guys with No Clothing Taste. People Who Buy All Their Clothing At Wal*Mart. Cheesy Disney Singers. Big Slobbery Dogs. People Who Are Racist. Girls Who Think They’re Perfect. Liars. Dishonesty. Boys Who Lie To You About How Far They’ve Gotten. MORE.

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ALL MADE BYYYY __iiicons how gorgeousss ♥

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Mary-Kate Olsen iSz BeautifuL lOve xo

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thank you for the layout ♥ __fabuloussmile

my pet!

Robb spells my name Brii, && i think it is quite cool ♥
"best friends", abercrombie&fitch, acdc, adam brody, alexis, american eagle, american head charge, ashlee simpson, ashley olsen, aspen, avril lavigne, bambi, being "cold" with meg, being a barbieee, ben mckenzie, beverly hills, black nail polish, blink 182, boys, britney spears, bruises, burberry, cali, california, cancun, candy, catfish, celebrities, cell phones, chanel, cheerleading, christian dior, christina aguilera, coach, corin, costa rica, cows, crying, cut up angels, cutting, dallas, dancing, darkness, dashboard confessional, degrassi, depression, dessert, destiny's child, devon, diamonds, donkeys, etnies, fall out boy, florida, food, football players, friends, glitter, good charlotte, gossiping, gwen stefani, haylie duff, hermosa beach, highlighters, hollister, hugs, ice cream, inside jokes, ipods, ireland, japanese people, jr. midgets '04, juicy couture, justin timberlake, kanye west, kelly clarkson, kevin federline, kisses, lacoste, lindsay lohan, lip gloss, lips, logan marshall-green, love, make-up, maroon 5, mary-kate olsen, mashed bananas, meg's complexion, mexico, midgets '05, midnight laughter, mischa barton, money, mtv, music, my boobs, my pants, new york, nicky hilton, orlando, palm springs, palm trees, pants, part time hero, parties, periwinkle houses, phantom planet, pins, preps, quotes, rachel bilson, rain, rodeo drive, roxo, rumors, samantha thavasa, scars, scary movies, seann william scott, seven, sex, sexy boys, sexy sexy, shelton vikings, shopping, simple plan, skaters, sleeping, sleepovers, smoothies, socks, surfers, swimming, taking walks, talking, the oc, the real world, the used, the wiggles, thongs, tunnels, tyler hilton, unexpected kisses, usher, vanity fair, versace, vogue, walking in the rain, ♥♥